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Stress has a huge potential to reduce or cause a lack of sexual pleasure. This ultimately reduces the couple’s pleasure and desire for sex. Unfortunately, many couples put pressure on their sex lives without even realizing it!

So what causes sexual tension and how can you fix it?

The comments you make to your partner during sex can be a major contributor to sexual tension. For example, every time you say, “Why aren’t you hard yet?” , “Have you come yet?” or “Can’t you take it any longer?” You put pressure on your partner to perform by Erotica Tale. I agree that you may have good intentions every time you give this answer, but if your approach is wrong, your partner will start to feel the pressure and your partner will see sex with you as a challenge rather than a fun experience. It will start to be considered practice. .

So is it wrong to give feedback to your partner?

No. Sex is about what you and your partner like. Therefore, if your partner starts doing something during intercourse that you do not like or like, it would be a mistake to refrain. You must speak up, but always remember that what you say is not always as important as how you say it.

So what’s the best way to start giving feedback?

1. Emphasize positive feedback during intercourse. For example, if your partner suddenly starts doing something you like, you can say something like, “I like it, please don’t stop.” With this type of statement, you tell your partner what you like without putting any pressure on the partner.
2. Avoid giving negative feedback during sex. If your partner is performing below your expectations, try to enjoy it and recharge after sex. That way, your partner won’t feel pressured during sex and will be ready to do better the next time you meet.

Of all the dreams we can have, our sexual dreams are the ones that worry and worry us the most. We don’t talk about it. We don’t record it often. Sometimes we even try to forget them.

In our liberal sexual culture, it is not surprising to see this attitude towards sexual dreams. Although, on the other hand, knowing how dream stories are made and the elements that are remembered, I think it’s no surprise that our sexual dreams can still unsettle, confuse and frighten us.

By understanding how a dream story is formed and how we remember certain elements, we can eliminate much of the discomfort associated with these types of dreams mentioned in Adult Magazine.

Our brain does not stop processing external stimuli (or signals) just because we sleep. Everything was “out there” and it happened when we were awake and it still went on and off while we slept. However, there are differences. During sleep, our primary sensory pathways and processes are turned off, or at least tuned, and information is processed through alternative, secondary, or lower-level pathways (eight additional secondary visual pathways have been identified to date). Has been). Neurons still receive input. Electrical signals are still being transmitted through the cerebral cortex and information is still being absorbed.

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