Benefits of bulk suppliers for plastic flower vases

Plastic flower vases feature plastic and the most common colors are white and brown. The advantages of Plastic flower vases is that they look real, lightweight, shatter-proof and safe for kids. They are useful for many other purposes. For example, as a decorative touch in home décor.

Benefits of bulk suppliers for plastic flower vases

1. Save on money

Buying from bulk suppliers saves time and money, especially for petal retailers. A bulk supplier not only saves you from the added costs that it takes to buy in bulk, but also from the time that it takes to pack and handle each item.

2. Save on storage space

It is important to note that bulk suppliers tend to deliver products directly to their customers, which means you will save a lot of space in your warehouses. Storage space for these items can be used for other products as well rather than keeping them all at one location, not to mention the maintenance cost of all those facilities.

3. Lower the risk of theft

Plastic flower vases are often stolen in the supermarkets and street stores. However, this type of flowers usually only occupies a small space in a warehouse. As consumers, we have to be careful in choosing the ones we buy. Items that are easy to steal from large warehouses are more susceptible to high rates of theft especially for those that one can easily hide in the bags during the exit from the supermarket or street store with it. When buying from a bulk supplier, you can rest assured that your product will be safe and secure at all times while waiting for you at home. The fact that you can choose your delivery time is also a great add-on to the value of your bulk supplier.

4. Better price

Bulk suppliers are able to sell their items at prices that are significantly lower than supermarkets, petal stores and street markets. This is mainly because they deliver directly to the customer’s home, thus saving a lot of costs needed for packaging and handling of items. When buying in bulk, you also get an opportunity to negotiate for a better price.

5. Better quality

When buying in bulk, you no longer need to worry about the quality of your purchase. Products from bulk suppliers are tested by their quality team and are guaranteed to be free of defects. What makes it even better is that bulk suppliers usually offer a high proportion of defective parts for replacement or refund at no extra cost. This means that our clients will not have any problem in getting the product they want with a good quality that matches the price they paid.

6. Proven track record of service and delivery

When dealing with a new company, it is always advisable to do some research so that you would be able to trust them and know where you stand with them in terms of legitimacy, reputation and reputation.


Buying in bulk not only saves you from the usual costs of packing, handling and transportation of items, but also from the risk of theft. These 5 advantages are just a few of many. When buying in bulk, you can save up to 50% or more on what you usually pay for the same type of products at supermarkets. These items are inexpensive. So you can sell for a profit at petal shops and street stores as well.

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