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In 2016, the artist Neil Young was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Rolling Stone magazine named him as one of the 100 Greatest Guitarists in History. His songs have topped charts for decades, and he has been inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. It’s no wonder that his net worth is an estimated $60 million.


Neil Young was born on November 12, 1945 to a Canadian family. Neil’s parents met at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg and later went on to be the pioneers of Canadian country music. Neil himself began his musical career in Canada with a formative stint in the bands The Squires and The Mynah Birds before moving to California.

Early life and career

Neil Young was born in 1945 in Toronto, Canada. He began playing guitar when he was two years old. As a child, his mother encouraged him to play instruments, including the piano and drums. By age 11, Neil Young was performing with his band on television stations throughout North America. At one point, he and his family moved from Canada to California’s San Francisco Bay area.

In 1966, Neil Young co-founded the Buffalo Springfield along with Stephen Stills and Richie Furay. The group released their debut album in 1968 but disbanded only two years later. In 1969, Neil Young became a solo artist and released his first album entitled “Neil Young.” In 1970, he married actress Carrie Snodgress; they divorced in 1978.

In 1979, Neil Young founded Crazy Horse to tour alongside his new material that had yet to be recorded or released; Crazy Horse remained Neil’s backing band for decades following this decision. In 1988 he married singer/songwriter Pegi Morton after meeting her at a concert; they divorced in 2014 but remain friends to this day.

Later career and reviews

Young’s later career was highlighted by his 1995 album Sleeps With Angels, which some said “marked the beginning of a new chapter in Neil’s life and musical career.”

Music critic Jim DeRogatis described the record as “Neil’s most profound reflections on death”.

The album was nominated for a Grammy Award and ranked at number 10 on Rolling Stone Magazine’s list of 1997’s best records.

Philanthropy and activism

Neil Young does not only focus on his rock and roll and music career. At the end of every concert, he has a long conversation with every member of the audience to get feedback about their experience. Neil Young is also involved in activism and philanthropy. One example is when he donated $250,000 to help fight the oil spill in Alberta. When Hurricane Katrina hit, it was Neil Young who organized a benefit concert that raised $150 million for those affected.


Neil Young has owned a number of properties over the years. One of his more notable residences is a ranch in California that he purchased in 1972. He then converted it into a high-end recording studio and turned it into a popular tourist destination. His Texas property, dubbed Rancho de la Luna, is also available for tours.

Net worth, income, investments, and property

Neil Young’s net worth is an estimated $60 million. He has had a successful career as a musician for over 50 years. His peak earning years were between 1975-1985, when he averaged about $80,000 per year from songwriting royalties. In 2016, Forbes ranked him as the world’s third highest-paid singer-songwriter with earnings of $7 million.

Young has been very successful in his investments. He owns several businesses and was a founding member of the Farm Aid organization that advocates for family farmers. He earns income from property in California and Tennessee, which includes a ranch and recording studio.

Neil Young is also an avid collector of cars and guitars, so it may not be surprising to learn that he has a collection valued at over $5 million. One of his prized possessions is a 1938 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe that is said to be worth $2 million alone.

Due to his many business endeavors, Neil Young’s net worth will continue to grow–especially with his induction into the Rock Hall and Rolling Stone magazine naming him as one of the 100 Greatest Guitarists in History!


From his career as a solo artist to his career with Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, Neil Young has had quite a life. Young’s net worth is estimated at $68 million and continues to grow as he continues to perform, release new music, and maintain his successful touring career.

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