How to Use Instagram Stories to Get More Visibility in 2022

More than 500 million users connect to Instagram daily worldwide, and more than a third surf the social giant (38%) to consult content related to food and restaurants.


If you have an Instagram account, now is a good time to invest in creating Instagram stories for your restaurant, and it’s an excellent opportunity to increase Your sale by Increase Instagram Followers.


From the menu to your latest promotions to highlighting your delivery service, Instagram Stories represent a real marketing boon for your establishment to develop your visibility and generate more turnover.


Discover in this article 8 Instagram story ideas to test now if you haven’t done so yet!

Instagram stories: concept and benefits

If you are not yet familiar with the Instagram Stories format, don’t panic; we explain what it is, how it works, and its advantages for businesses and establishments.


Instagram stories: what are they?

Launched in August 2016 by the social network of the same name, Instagram stories allow the owner of the Instagram account to publish free video or photo content (of a maximum duration of 15 seconds) to its subscribers.


This feature is separate from other posts published on the Instagram profile page and visible in the news feed: Stories do not appear in the news feed but are confined to the establishment’s profile photos.


Instagram Stories have a limited lifespan: after 24 hours, they disappear and are no longer viewable.


Instagram stories highlight a more authentic image of the brand by sharing more spontaneous and, therefore, less retouched moments than classic Instagram publications.


Users can personalize Stories by including text, stickers, emojis, surveys, or links redirecting to an external third-party site.

When an Instagram Story is published, a red circle surrounds the user’s profile picture (source: Mezzencore Instagram account )


Where do Instagram stories appear?

To access the Stories in your account, your followers can go to your profile directly. They click on your profile picture circled in color, or view them on the home page at the top of their newsfeed.


Since 2018, it is now possible to permanently pin Stories under your bio and profile photo.

Instagram account owners can thus archive their old “ephemeral” stories on their profile without the risk of seeing these disappear after 24 hours.


Another feature of Featured Instagram Stories: they can be classified by concept. As the El Salad restaurant does in the example below by organizing these Stories .

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How to publish Instagram Stories on his profile?

To publish a Story, you have two options:

Click on your profile picture at the top left

Swipe your screen to the right to access the camera

Note that it is currently not possible to create and publish an Instagram Story from your computer. The idea being to encourage Instagram users to bring their phone to film or take a photo!.


Discover in this complete practical guide the steps to complete to publish a Story on Instagram.

Why use Instagram stories in your establishment

Greater visibility

As mentioned above, restaurateurs with an Instagram account can pin their Stories to the front page.

Its allowing maximum visibility at a time when traditional organic publications have less visibility.  The lifespan of a publication on the Instagram news feed is 9 p.m. on average.


By posting Stories regularly, you maximize your Instagram account’s visibility by reaching more followers.

A virtuous circle ensues: you get the more Instagram followers, the more likely they will interact with your Stories. The more the latter see their visibility increase by Instagram’s algorithm.


More direct interaction with your customers and subscribers

Stories represent an additional channel to connect with your community. And it collect their grievances or feedback: your district can send you an Instagram message directly from your Story.


Instagram Stories are also an opportunity to retain your customers by highlighting them. For example, you can repost photos or Instagram Stories of your customers.

They visit your establishment or hold a Q&A session  to answer your customers’ most common queries.

Enhanced authenticity

At a time when Instagram filters are aplenty, Instagram Stories appear as a more natural and authentic way to connect with your community.

By revealing, for example, behind the scenes of your restaurant, the preparation of your dishes, the events celebrated internally, or your Story, your community will have a stronger emotional attachment to follow you.

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