How to Use Text Blast to Increase Your Subscriber List

One of the best ways to increase your subscriber list is through text blast. Consumers often trust recommendations from family and friends. You can send a keyword or custom link to your friends with your text blast. You can even offer them a special discount just for being an original subscriber. This will boost your list significantly.

Group text blasts are more convenient

Group text blasts are a great way to reach a large number of people in a short amount of time. They are also easier to schedule and can be sent without technical knowledge. Unlike email marketing, which can only send to a small number of recipients, text blasts can reach thousands of people. And they are less likely to be discarded, since a majority of text messages are read within a few minutes.

Text marketing is especially effective for generating engagement and establishing brand awareness. It also increases purchase intent. You can also include tiny URLs, digital coupons, and QR codes in your text messages. These methods are both cost-effective and convenient, so they’re an excellent choice for driving traffic to your website.

One drawback to group messaging is the lack of privacy. Messages from a group are sent without BCC, and recipients cannot opt-out of receiving them. As a result, group text messaging is better for smaller personal groups, not for large campaigns.

Tiny URLs, digital coupons and QR codes are effective

Using digital coupons and QR codes in your text blasts can be a great way to generate sales. They can be used to link to your website, offer discounts, or build brand awareness. If you use them correctly, they can increase your conversion rate by 8 times or more. Adding digital coupons and QR codes to your text messages is also a great way to personalize your text message.

They can be used on different mobile operating systems. For instance, iPhones running on iOS 11 and up can scan them natively without the need for an app. Even Android phones can scan QR codes with camera apps. Some devices support URL redirection, which means the QR code can send metadata to an existing application. There are also many free and paid applications that enable you to hardlink a QR code to an external URL.

For offline lead generation, QR codes are also a great tool. They can be added to marketing materials and linked to a Google form or Typeform. These forms can be customized and tested, and once completed, the collected email addresses can be used to build a list.

CAN-SPAM compliance

If you’re considering using a text blast to promote a product or service, you need to understand the CAN-SPAM Act and how it applies to your business. CAN-SPAM is a federal law that governs commercial texts sent to wireless devices. It requires that you obtain the written consent of your subscribers before you can send them commercial messages.

The CAN-SPAM Act has specific requirements for text messaging and email marketing. In order to be compliant, your text message and email must contain clear labeling and information about the content. The subject line should be short and concise. The sender must also ensure that its lists are not generated by automated means. This is a violation of the law and could lead to severe penalties. Also, it’s important to only email people with whom you have a relationship or who have explicitly requested to receive emails from you.

Another important CAN-SPAM requirement for text blasts is opt-out. A person must have the right to opt-out from receiving commercial messages from you, which means that they must be clearly identifiable as advertisements. The laws in most countries also require that you honor requests to unsubscribe within 10 days. Also, you cannot charge the recipient a fee for unsubscribing from future messages.

Creating SMS bot content

If you’ve created an SMS bot, the next step is to create its content. You can do this using a tool such as JustCall’s Creating Bot section. Once you’ve created your bot, you can upload a list of contacts and begin creating SMS bot content. Then, you can choose from the available options, including Open Ended or Multiple Choice interactions.

Creating SMS bot content is easy once you understand how the platform works. The platform includes a visual bot builder, which lets you add content to your SMS bot and view a preview to the right. This visual builder also includes a Quick Question widget, which allows you to interact with a simple question or answer.

You can also include Q&A triggers to train your bot’s responses, which will increase its natural language processing. Once you’ve created your SMS bot, you can begin adding Q&A triggers and creating a chat script. By using this tool, you can create and deploy your SMS bot in less than 10 minutes.

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