10 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Personalizing A T-Shirt

T-shirt personalization can be a great way to promote your brand and get customers excited about wearing your logo. The only problem is that most customers don’t know what they’re looking for when it comes to a personal T-shirt. If you’re not sure why, you’re about to see. Personalizing T-shirts can help you connect with your customers and reach a new audience. But, not everyone knows how to do it.

Personal T-shirts can also help you stand out from your competitors. That’s because they give your brand an opportunity to be unique. Personalizing T-shirts also gives you the opportunity to make any piece of clothing your own. But, not everyone knows how to do it right. That’s why we’re here to tell you about some of the common mistakes that you should avoid while personalizing T-shirts. If you’re up for reading on, keep reading to learn how.

What To Avoid While Personalizing T-Shirts

Not knowing your audience is the number one thing that you should avoid while personalizing T-shirts. You can only personalize T-shirts if you’re aiming them at a specific audience. So, you must first know who they are. If you’re not sure, ask a few people who you think would be interested in a personal T-shirt.

Then, try to find some online forums that discuss the topic. You can also use social media to ask questions and find answers. But, don’t just ask questions and listen. You should also try to learn what people are looking for when they want a personalized T-shirt. Once you know this, you’ll be in a much better position to personalize T-shirts.

Understanding Your Audience

Another thing that you should avoid while personalizing T-shirts is not understanding your audience. Audiences are different for different brands. That’s why it’s important to find out who your customers are and what they like. If you don’t know this, it’s likely that you’ll make some mistakes. When you personalize T-shirts, you must first decide who you want to target. You can either choose to personalize T-shirts for your current customers or for a new audience. You can also choose to personalize T-shirts for men, women, or unisex.  There are a lot of different factors that you can use to decide who your audience is. Some of these factors include which gender you think your customers are, their age, where they’re from, their employees, and so on.

When you first start personalizing T-shirts, you must try to get a general idea of who your audience is. This will help you decide which customers you want to personalize T-shirts for. Once you know this, it’s much easier to pick a design.

Creating A Custom Logo

A great way to personalize T-shirts is by using a custom logo. This is because it’s one of the most effective ways of making your logo stand out. Making the logo stand out is one of the most common mistakes that businesses make when it comes to T-shirt personalization. You can use a logo as the basis for a T-shirt design. You can then use text, images, and other design elements to create the final product. 

There are a couple of things that you should keep in mind when creating a custom logo for T-shirts. First of all, you don’t have to make your logo the same size as your T-shirt design. For example, if your T-shirt design is a baseball cap, you don’t have to put your logo on a baseball cap. That’s because the logo can be placed in other areas of the T-shirt design. The logo can also be placed on the front, back, or both sides. The other thing that you should keep in mind is the color scheme.


Over-personalization is another common mistake that you should avoid while personalizing T-shirts. This happens when you try to get too creative with your designs. You can go overboard and make your designs too complicated. This can cause problems with sizing or printing. You should also try to avoid over-personalization if you want your designs to look professional. This can be a big problem for designers who are just starting out. Most people are familiar with the basics when it comes to personalizing T-shirts.

Too Much Text

Another thing that you should avoid while personalizing T-shirts is too much text. It’s important to keep in mind that your designs should be simple. This is because it’s the easiest way to personalize T-shirts. If your designs are too complicated, it can be hard to understand. This will make your designs hard to personalize. You should also try to keep in mind that customers are more likely to read and understand average-length designs. That’s because they take up less space.

That’s why you should keep the text to a minimum.  You can personalize T-shirts by adding text to designs. This is because it’s an easy way to personalize T-shirts. However, you should try to keep the text to a minimum. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when you personalize T-shirts with text. First of all, you must choose the right font. You should also make sure that the font is easy to read and that it looks great on the design.

Avoiding Colors That Match Your Brand

Another thing that you should avoid while personalizing T-shirts is matching your brand’s colors. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to T-shirt personalization is over-personalization. That’s because they go overboard and make their designs look very busy. The best way to avoid over-personalization is by choosing neutral colors. Neutral colors are the least likely to be considered offensive. That’s because there are no racial, religious, or sexual connotations. You can also use these colors to avoid matching your brand’s colors.

Wrapping And Tagging

Another thing that you should avoid while personalizing T-shirts is wrapping and tagging. Wrapping is when you use your logo or design on another product. This can create a lot of problems with the logo or design. You can also create a lot of problems if you’re not careful with wrapping. So, make sure that you only wrap your logo or design on one product. Another issue with wrapping is that it can be a copyright violation. That’s because it can infringe upon another artist’s copyright. That’s why you should try to avoid wrapping.


Now that you know what not to do while personalizing T-shirts, you know how to personalize T-shirts the right way. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with these tips and you’ll be creating personalized T-shirts in no time. The best part is that you can personalize T-shirts for free on TShirt-o-matic. That’s right, nobody charges for this service. You can also create designs with ease and without any limitations. You can also make as many designs as you want and share them with your friends.


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