Real Tips to Get REAL Instagram Followers in 2023 (Without Insta

In 2021, getting your Instagram in front of new eyes and gaining organic followers was almost impossible.The most common social media advice for gaining IG followers is to use quality content and hashtags and get reposted on larger accounts. Get REAL Instagram Followers

These are good tips and should be implemented. However, they are also easy to remember, and you may have already tried them. Buy Instagram followers

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You’ve probably tried them for months, if not years. Perhaps you are stuck with 100, 500, or 3000 fans. You feel like you lose 15 followers for every ten you gain.


It’s now possible to buy followers, likes, comments, and views. But how do you grow an organic Instagram following? That is the Holy Grail. This is the article that I will try to guide you to. Now, buckle up.

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1. You are not insane. A few years ago, getting real Instagram followers was much more accessible.
It was much easier to gain thousands of followers on Instagram in 2013 than when I started my blog. The “algorithm” was not buy instagram followers paypal a problem. Follow-Unfollow, a technique that no one had heard of yet but was just as irritating, was something everyone was happy with. Hashtags weren’t as popular, and there was less competition.

In three months, I gained 2K-3K followers by posting every day. Seriously. With some photos taken with my flip phone, my Instagram feed in 2014 had no theme.

The first thing to know is that Instagram is not you.

You have beautiful photos from a DSLR and pay $12 monthly for Lightroom and Photoshop subscriptions. And you use millions of niche hashtags. The algorithm doesn’t want to see you as significant. Malaysian Followers

You don’t have to be excellent for the algorithm! These unique Instagram growth tips will help you be great!
However, you and I remain slaves to the platform. That’s why you are here to learn how to improve your following. My next tip might seem counterintuitive but bear with me.

2. Use Instagram’s latest features. Use them.

Instagram will continue to award users who use its newest features. This includes Instagram Guides and IGTV, IG Live, and Instagram Reels.

Please look at my feed for content I have posted over the past two weeks. The pink is an IGTV video, and the yellow is an IG reel.

Although it may seem overwhelming, there are always new features.

Get started with Instagram guides by reading my tips.


Place your hands so I can see them, ma’am/sir.

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An extensive and authentic network of people within your life is probably the most important thing to having an Instagram account that is successful. You can increase your followers by attending networking events in buy instagram followers paypal reddit person, discussing your business in everyday conversation, and sharing it on social media (keep reading, there are more techniques).

There are two types of influencers: 1. Influencers who are famous and those who are not—people who have a personal sense of trust.

Type 1:

The Kylie Jenners or Nomadic Matts, who are well-known and gain interest from their followers. It’s like watching a crowd surround a street performer and wanting to be part of it.

You know, “So many people like them, so I kind of already like them too.” Even though they may have a smaller following but are verified, their official status can get them followers. Malaysian Followers

Type 2: Personal affiliation.

These influencers don’t have huge followings, but they are worth your time. If you want to increase your Instagram followers, this approach works for me.

This is where Kylie Jenner and Nomadic Matt’s start. While branding, ethics, and product are essential aspects of any business, Instagram’s success is about connection.

An example:

In 2020, I attended the New York Times Travel Show. During those two best place to buy instagram followers days, I gained 120 new Instagram followers. Within two weeks, I had 200 new followers. I’m sure they were from the travel show.

How did this happen?

In-person networking in the old fashion way, handshaking and smiling, making new friends and inviting them to do so. This is a concept.

An in-person interaction can create a 4x stronger connection than if you try to connect with people online. People following up on their links from the buy instagram followers paypal cheap show and being reminded about me through my business card led to a trickle of around 80 followers over the next few weeks. This brings me to my next tip.

3. Get a business card to increase trust in your Insta-brand.

Some people might look for Instagram followers to increase their clout, influence ability, and self-satisfaction. Keep scrolling if that’s you. Malaysian Followers

Most people who seek followers do so to support a larger business plan that monetizes their work in coaching, travel, fitness, and makeup.

A business card instantly elevates you from “wannabe” to being “actively trying-be” in people’s minds. They are more likely to recall you and trust you. Trust comes with responsibility.

Get a business card to help you with this.

If you are thinking about having a website, business card, or branded Instagram, you should know what you are talking about. Otherwise, people will stop following your Instagram and discover that you’re a fraud.

Or worse, you can make a wrong impression best site to buy instagram followers paypal and cause others to unfollow you/never like you. This is not good for your Instagram goals. gave me my business card. You can use my referral link for 25% off your first order.

4. At (almost every) opportunity, brag your a** off

This applies to your blog, store, or Instagram account. If people don’t know what they’re supposed to promote, how can they know if you want them to follow you?

In daily conversation, bring your Instagram to our attention.

Ask people about your hobbies and what you did this weekend. Be authentic, tell them the truth, and then casually mention your account, such Best site to buy Instagram followers as “I did some fitness/makeup/travel content creation for a business account.

” It felt great! People are more than happy to support friends’ goals, even if it is as simple as clicking a follow. And, of course, if they enjoy your content.

Promote your Instagram on other social media platforms.

Although you may feel like you are posting too much about Instagram on Facebook and Twitter, I assure you that if only 20% see one post, there is little chance that you are causing upset among your followers. Malaysian Followers

No one should go to your Instagram feed and see “Follow me on Instagram!” With a link, you can do this eight times in succession.

Check out my example of a To-Do vs. Not Do of sharing your Instagram via Facebook.

This is what you should do instead.

This post is spam and offers no benefit to the viewer. Why would they want to follow you if this is what they are looking for? Would you click on a spammy link?

This is what you should do.
A better example of how to promote your Instagram on Facebook My Facebook friends agree with me.

How about you?

This toys for babies is great example, however, has all the razzle-dazzle and strategy you need. The viewer now knows what kind of content they can expect.

They like the photo and want more. What can they do to see more? Follow me on Instagram by clicking the link below. The second version seems to be more of their idea/choice. Psychology.

Twitter likes posts with images and short links. You can promote your Instagram account 1-3 times per week if you are careful.

Do not follow/unfollow, do not use Instagram pods, and don’t purchase engagement.

They are not worth the effort and can be detected by companies.
“But my friend used that company, and it’s legitimate; no one can see–”

“Honestly, I don’t care what it is, phony. It will still get me paid–

“I am desperate. “I’m desperate.

Image result for Michael Scott no gif

Let me share my personal experience. I was a member of a few Instagram groups. It feels great to get a steady 10-12 comments on your photo and a steady stream of likes after posting it. Malaysian Followers

It can be exhausting to respond to every comment, and like with 6-10 people each day; it takes valuable time. People do notice fake too-happy comments made by the same people on each of your posts.

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