Top Exotic Beaches and Specific Swimwear World Exotic Beaches

So how do you know which swimsuits go where? Well, it’s like decoding wedding or party invitations. Look no further than our handpicked edits of the top 5 exotic beaches destinations and swimwear inspiration!

1. Show off your vibrant Miami Beach style with our striped designer shorts

Miami has everything you need: – soft sand, beautiful warm water, interesting people, volleyball and fun places to have a snack or a drink. It is also ideal to wear striped swimming trunks with a striped design to complete the look. It’s modern and elegant, with a mesh interior and side slit pockets. Her short legs and elasticated drawstring waist make her perfect for a beach volleyball match. Contrast stitching adds character to the shorts. It can be worn comfortably in and out of the water.
2. Embrace nautical trends with bold nylon swim shorts in Little Dix Bay, BVI.
The crescent-shaped beach at Little Dix Bay is the epitome of barefoot elegance, with half a mile of palm-fringed white sand. With private beaches, exclusive yacht clubs, hidden coves and luxurious resorts, the island offers romance – impress your girl with bold swim shorts made from 100% nylon. The fine mesh front lining will protect your modesty in the sun. The textured shorts fit comfortably and dry quickly, making them great for sunbathing and swimming.

3. Get classic and contemporary hits at Flic-en-Flac Beach, Mauritius in our solid color swim shorts

Warm, clear turquoise blue waters and endless white beaches lined with coconut palms make Mauritius an ideal beach holiday destination. Check out the blue lagoon and monochrome swim shorts that look trendy and sophisticated. Sometimes you just have to make sure that fake tribal prints and Hawaiian floral prints don’t cut it for you. If that statement applies to you, red, white and blue is just the bold look you’ll need. It can be perfectly flush with the top of the tank for a full water look.

4. Celebrate life in colorful, striped racing shorts on Copacabana Beach, Brazil.

For hiking, Copacabana Beach has to be the best beach in Brazil. Sunbathe or swim and surf in the turquoise waters of Copacabana. Groups usually play football or have an impromptu dance party. If you want to have a good time, don’t forget to pack a bag and make a statement with our Tricolor Side Stripe Swim Shorts. Not only do we love the use of bright colors, but the woven effect gives this pair a more contemporary finish. Excellent in every way!

5. Turn heads in Ibiza with pink rocking shorts

Sun, sea, sand and sangria! Ibiza isn’t all about the nightclubs, but if you want to party, you’ll need somewhere to dress up and light up for your next big night. Show your dope patriotism to your vacation destination and with a cool, comfy floral print swim trunk. Not only does it look smarter than regular swimwear, but the rich color will bring you beach chic during World travel.

As more and more modern men are becoming, times and fashion are changing rapidly. So if you and/or a guy you know is heading to the beach soon, why not invest in some exotic beach wear? You can now find great deals on men’s swimwear online. After all, who wants to miss out on a costume that can be so much fun!

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