Tyre Companies- Know About Tyre Importance

India’s Tyre Companies are growing and there are 60 tyre manufacturing companies dispersed around the nation. Indian tyre manufacturers Balkrishna Industries, Birla tyres, Falken tyres, and Asian tyre Factory are among the most well-known. 

It’s interesting to see how large the Indian tyre industry is, even in these less-than-ideal times that we’re experiencing. From April to December 2019, an astounding 13.65 crore tyres were produced. You can get a better picture by remembering that during the same time last year, the industry produced 14.63 crore tyres. Motorcycle tyres make up the majority of the tyres produced and marketed in India, followed by scooters, passenger cars, three-wheelers, light commercial vehicles, lorries, and buses.

How to choose the right tyre

Consider the following 4 factors to help in the comparison and selection of the right tyre:

1. Safety

The majority of tyres function adequately in normal circumstances, however, challenging circumstances will highlight their variances. What steps can you take to make sure your tyres are prepared for the unexpected? Select tyres that will function effectively in the worst possible weather and road conditions. On wet roads, the difference between our tyres and another premium tyre brand on the same automobile can be as much as 6 metres. That is over 1.5 vehicles’ worth of distance.

The right tyres can keep you safe because not all tyres are created equal.

2. Value

Making a concession today can result in spending more money later. Why? Because fuel-efficient tyres that last longer allow you to save money over time. Get more energy-efficient tyres now rather than later! (And put off looking for tyres for a little while)

3. Enjoy the journey

A tyre needs to fit you exactly, just like a foot does.

  1. Select any vehicle
  2. Use an alternative pair of tyres

You have an entirely new driving experience as a result. Do you like precise handling to make that corner like an expert or a comfortable drive? Make sure your tyres reflect your sense of style.

4. Sports car

Running in slippers is not recommended for sprinters. Your car doesn’t either. If the tyres can’t transfer the power from the engine to the road, a sports or luxury car won’t feel like one.

What is the importance of a good tyre?

You won’t need to replace your tyres as frequently if you can increase their lifespan. 

The length of time that your tyres endure can be greatly affected by seemingly insignificant actions like monitoring your tyre pressure to ensure that they are properly inflated. Tyres that are either under or over-inflated won’t wear evenly or last as long. A tyre that is continuously 20% under-inflated, for instance, may last 20% less time.

As a result, a tyre that should typically last 40,000 kilometres would be worn out within 32,000 kilometres. Additionally, rotating your tyres frequently between the different positions will ensure that they wear evenly and last longer because the right and left sides of your automobile’s car and the front and back axles wear down your tyres differently.

It can save you money on fuel

One of the main factors in excessive fuel consumption is under-inflated tyres, which have higher rolling resistance and require the engine to work harder to drive the car.

It ensures your safety.

You may cut costs by regularly checking the air pressure in your tyres and doing maintenance on them such as rotation, alignment, and inspections. Since your car’s tyres are its only point of contact with the ground, they must always be in good condition to keep you safe. Keep in mind this crucial maintenance advice to prevent any issues:

Check your tyres:

It’s possible that you don’t always notice when one of your tyres needs repair. To prevent any unforeseen issues, regularly check your tyres for wear and any damage. Additionally, have your tyres checked by a professional once a year.

Air pressure should be checked:

Driving with the wrong tyre pressures can drastically jeopardise your safety and damage a car’s handling and braking, especially in slick weather. Driving with tyres that are dangerously underinflated can lead to heat buildup and finally a blowout. Every month and before a long trip, check the pressure on your tyres.

Observe the load limit:

Never exceed the load limit of the load index of the tyre. Overloading tyres can cause them to overheat, which could suddenly cause them to blow out.

High-speed driving can harm your tyres:

Tyres are more likely to sustain damage from road hazards or heat buildup at higher speeds. High speeds can also contribute to a quick tyre explosion or rapid air loss, which can result in the vehicle losing control.


Today there are many Tyre Companies in the market which are coming out with their own better product. Out of those many tyres we need to choose a good tyre for our vehicle because good tyres play an important role in our vehicle control as well as performance. In this article, we have seen how we should choose good tyres for our vehicle, And simultaneously saw what is the importance of Good tyres. 


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