Visual Art Practice and Public Relations in Communication

Many different disciplines can be molded into various professions. Before one can practice any field to its fullest, one must be able to successfully integrate the knowledge gained from different areas to stand out in the field one chooses to pursue. Knowledge is a pyramid that must be climbed up to the top to view the other sides. The tendency to stay at the bottom of a pyramid restricts the possibilities and the plethora of the person learning. For instance, there is a fantastic connection between art and public relations. However, this relationship is more easily recognized by those who practice and not by people who have had training in PR but who are doing things other than the profession of public relations.

Promote Communication

The first is to be with the message the artist is trying to transmit to the viewers. When communicating in this manner, artists use art pieces as a tool for public relations to promote the ideal morals or values for positive changes. For instance, a made by an artist to promote the evils of war could employ specific images or patterns which prompt a severe reflection from the viewers. It could alter the attitude of those who see it, especially when it comes to solving conflicts, without allowing them to escalate into full-blown crises. Therefore, art’s function that helps build peace between opposing groups comes from the dialogue between the artists and people who use the artwork as a medium.

The other type of interaction (between the artwork and the person who is viewing it) involves how the viewer perceives the artwork. As one sits down to gaze at a piece or piece of artwork, specific ideas run through the viewer’s subconscious mind, making it easier for the person looking at the work to comprehend and experience the artwork more than just its aesthetics. Communicating between the work of art and the viewer might not necessarily convey the message that the artist intended to speak to the viewer. Still, it’s entirely subject to what the audience can comprehend about the piece. It’s more or less like an guid conversation that is susceptible to being misinterpret by the person on the receiving end. The feedback is not helpful in public relations because the intended outcome did not happen.

Managing the Various Public

On the other hand, public relations can be describ as managing the various public and their interactions with an organization. This includes engaging with all relevant internal and external publics to create and maintain an effective relationship that will help the company achieve its goals and be in line with society’s expectations. For an organization to successfully achieve its objectives, it should have a solid public relations team that can handle its customers.

The job of the PR team within any company is to provide suggestions to the management on the kind of method or channel which will result in the desired change to the organization. An effective change will benefit the system and improve its relationship with different publics.

Primary Functions Communications

One of the primary functions communications play in the work of both professional fields is to create change. While it is recognise that the most constant in life is change. The thing that isn’t certain or constant is the reaction following the change. For instance. It’s impossible to predict precisely. However. It will benefit them over the long term. This is the reason PR techniques or communication skills are essential. A well-thought-out PR strategy considers the views of all stakeholders within its company. It conducts an array of studies about the public to accurately predict. How the people will react if a specific policy is introduce to introduce a change within an organization. The study’s findings are use to evaluate the effectiveness of a proposed approach to what the company can gain.

Immediate Surroundings

In the practice of visual art. Artists are in the community and observe and engage with the people in their immediate surroundings. To comprehension their views or opinions about the political system of the moment. These are all designed to make positive changes in society.

The connection between visual art and public relations practice may not be appreciat from the outside. Except by people working in both professions. It does not mean the PR practitioner can’t equally effectively be consider an artist. Neither is it reasonable to assert that an artist is a PR professional within an organization. The basis that both professions share is the subject of communication. As a professional in PR. You can develop fantastic plans using various types of communication that help. The organization succeed without affecting the relations with its clients. In visual art. Artists use appealing ideas and techniques that draw viewers’ attention to their aesthetics to bring about positive societal changes. In PR, communication is verbal, and art reflects the mind to develop more moral values, better values, and, most importantly, an ideal society.

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