Why Do We Love Those Celebrities and Their Material Objects?


We often celebrate the beauty of objects, whether they be works of art or everyday possessions. From ancient to modern times, people have been captivated by the beauty of things and why that might be. In today’s fast-paced digital life, it can be easy to forget about the human need for connection and sensory stimuli.

There is a reason why we love celebrities with their own material possessions; there is something inherently appealing about valuing a person on the basis of what they own rather than what they offer as a person. It’s no surprise then that when certain people are gifted specific items, their fans rejoice as well. So what is it about material objects that make us love them so?

Artwork and Objects with Meaning

Humans are naturally attracted to aesthetics and things that are pleasing to the eye. When we fall in love with a person, it can be easy to focus on their outer beauty and forget about their inner qualities. When we fall in love with an object, however, it is often the object’s meaning that captures our attention. Objects with strong personal meaning can offer a human-made treasure trove of connections to our own past, future, and to others. Object collections can offer a sense of continuity, and even a kind of immortality. When we fall in love with an artwork that speaks to us, we are not only experiencing the aesthetic beauty of the piece, but also its inner message.

Finding What You Love Takes Time

The majority of us will probably never become renowned experts in a single field, let alone become millionaires from it. Everyone has different passions and interests, which means no two people’s collections will look exactly the same. The key is to find what you love and to keep loving it over time. Find new things to love, and discover new things you didn’t know you loved. It can be helpful to journal your collections and see what emerges. Knowing what you love is the first step towards loving it more. As you fall in love with new objects, you will start to notice new connections and meanings that you may have missed before.

Authenticity and Coincidence

Something as simple as a favorite shirt can bring back memories, or spark the desire to own the same item. When we fall in love with a favorite shirt, we do not necessarily fall in love with the shirt itself. We fall in love with the memories that the shirt evokes. Objects with a strong connection to the person who owns them will always have a sense of authenticity; they will always be genuine reflections of the person behind them. Copies and replicas, however, can always be traced back to the original; the memory of the original object will always be present. Coincidence, however, is something that happens for many of us. Some people, however, believe that we can actively search for coincidences.

Just Because you Love Something Doesn’t Mean Everyone Else Will Too

Just because you love something does not mean everyone else will too. Some people will appreciate your favorite band, or book, but not necessarily appreciate the amount of time you have spent with them. You may love Taylor Swift’s music, but someone else may not appreciate her lyrics. If you love Taylor Swift and the songs mean a lot to you, that is great! There is no need to change your opinions or alter your love for Taylor just because someone else does not share it. Loving things can help you to appreciate the world around you, and to see things in a new light. Other people’s love of something, however, should not change your love of it either. If a friend loves Taylor Swift but you still love her, that is fine.

Take a Break From Your Favourite Things

Sometimes it is good to take a break from your most treasured materials and objects. We should not push ourselves too hard or be too critical of ourselves. It is important to recognize that we all have strengths and weaknesses and to accept ourselves for what we are. If we are not loving something, we should not beat ourselves up for that. It is also important to remember that your collections are not set in stone; you can always choose to trade up or down in the future. When you love something, you should never sell it or give it away. You should keep it, trade it, or pass it on to a new owner. It is better to take a break from something than to not love it at all; people need break-ups, trade-ups, and pass-offs all the time.


In the end, falling in love with objects and collectibles is more than likely a basic human instinct. People fall in love with the things they love because they are familiar and comforting. People also fall in love with the things they love because they have meaning and purpose. Objects and collectibles with these qualities often come with a backstory that is often interesting and sometimes even inspiring. This is why we love celebrities with their own material possessions, even though it seems superficial. Objects and artworks with strong personal meaning can offer a human-made treasure trove of connections to our own past, future, and to others. They can also speak to us on an aesthetic level, making them appealing to the eye. These qualities make objects and artworks with strong meaning a great way to connect with others, both in the present and on a deeper level.

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